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East vs. West: Malaysian vs. Kiwi Education (Part 3)

3. Memorization of Scientific Facts vs. Hands-on Practical Experiences As I’ve noted before, Malaysian education is all about exams – the goal is not to promote practical knowledge, but to get an unbroken list of “A+”s on the exam transcript. So when it comes to science, we don’t care that much about the experiments. After […]

Malaysia Sends Saudi Back to be Beheaded

Why, Malaysia, why? 23-year old Saudi journalist Hamza Kashgari was detained by Malaysia officials at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) while en route to New Zealand. Why, you ask? Well, Kashgari was escaping from Saudi officials who wants him dead over 3 Twitter posts that “insulted” the Prophet Muhammad: 1. On your birthday, I will […]

East vs. West: Malaysian vs. Kiwi Education (Part 2)

…continued 2. Strict vs. Lax Discipline This is superfluously obvious. While in Malaysian schools you can face disciplinary action for eating a candy, in Piopio College I have had a classmate bring food (apple caramel cake, was it?) into the class after her cooking lesson to share with the class. That includes the teacher. Of […]

East vs. West: Malaysian vs. Kiwi Education (Part 1)

During July 2010, I went to New Zealand on an American Field Service (AFS) student exchange program for 8 weeks. I lived with my awesome host family there – Pākehā dad,  Māori mom, and two cute little kids – on their farm, with cows and sheep and stuff. Made lots of great friends too – […]

“Corruption of moral values? Must be those Westerners!”

Yes, you read that right. You Westerners are responsible for every single shit that’s happening today in Malaysia – increased crime rates, increased murders, open expression of sexuality, homosexuality, pornography, prostitution, violent games, individualism, heightening divorce rates, and *gasp* Western fashion! Shame on you with flooding our nation with your evil, hedonistic, corrupt culture! Or […]